Should I go freelance?

If you’re considering going freelance but scared to take the plunge, this course is for you.

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Easy business development for freelancers.

If you hate sales but want to build your client list and get the right kind of work, look no further.

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Optimal client management for freelancers.

Do you feel like freelancing would be great if it weren’t for the endless demands of your clients? I wrote this course for you.

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Before you break-up with your client, do this

Before you break-up with your client, do this.

Relationships are the best and the toughest part of the human experience. What can start out incredibly promising can go many different and sometimes unexpected ways. We’ve all had relationships end messily and wonder what went wrong and where we could have changed course.

Professional relationships are no different. The client we were over the moon to land can over time become the reason we’re loathe waking up in the morning. It’s important to be service-oriented and flexible, but there may be a point in your career when ending a professional relationship can’t be avoided.