Should I go freelance?

If you’re considering going freelance but scared to take the plunge, this course is for you.

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Easy business development for freelancers.

If you hate sales but want to build your client list and get the right kind of work, look no further.

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Optimal client management for freelancers.

Do you feel like freelancing would be great if it weren’t for the endless demands of your clients? I wrote this course for you.

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Is your schedule at the mercy of others?

I have an industry friend who is forever running off to client or prospect meetings at times that are terribly inconvenient for her. One time she ran an event until 11:00pm and then had to leave at 6:00am for a client breakfast. Another time, she was cutting a vacation short to fly out the next morning for an out-of-town meeting.

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Why I would hire my worst vendor again

I recently had one of the worst and best vendor experiences of my career. Let me explain.

I hired a company to help me complete an important project task. My contact was friendly and engaged, but a number of things went wrong throughout the course of the project.

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The best way to strengthen client relationships (and grill steak)

Many people dismiss New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve had great success with them. The trick is to focus not on things you feel you “should” do, but on areas where you genuinely want to attract more into your life. One of my resolutions for this year is what I simply call: “Let. It. Marinate.”

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The skill that separates a supplier from a knowledge provider

Those of us in professional services require a briefing before we can do our work. But this is often a challenge, as many clients struggle to clearly articulate their needs. I used to walk away from a bad briefing session internally shaking my head and thinking “I guess I’ll just figure this out as I go.”

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How to get the best work from a freelancer

As a freelance consultant, I don’t have any expectation that my clients will take time out of their day to express their appreciation for my work. I am not their employee, they don’t have to worry about my morale and how it correlates to productivity. It is perfectly reasonable for them to expect that the money they pay me is compensation enough.

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What I learned from a month of remote working

I spent January 2018 remote working in Montevideo, Uruguay. I’ve been excited about this experience for months, and for good reason – it’s been incredible spending a month I normally have to trudge through (I’m not a Winter person) enjoying summer sunshine, palm trees and ocean breezes, as well as light-filled skies until 9:00pm.

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How I chose my remote work location

Last March, I decided that I would spend January 2018 remote working. Anyone currently living through Toronto’s winter doesn’t need me to explain what prompted the decision. For the next four weeks, I will be living and working in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

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Luck has nothing to do with success.

Hey there! I’m Ellen and I teach freelancers in professional services how to grow their practice. Don’t wait for the phone to ring or work for the wrong clients, take success into your own hands. My courses will teach you how to go from surviving to thriving.

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