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Freelance Pivot: Real-life examples of shifting offers in challenging times

With the economy slowing down, a lot of freelancers are losing work. If this is the case for you, now is the perfect time to pivot your offer to something more conducive to the times. I know it can be difficult to get creative when you’re stressed, so I scoured the Internet to find examples of “freelance pivot” to give you some inspiration. Turns out there’s a lot of creative people out there.

Selling your product or services to a new audience

We’re all stuck inside, and some freelancers are leveraging that. One graphic designer is selling coloring books for adults online. A therapist could also leverage this idea by offering classes on how to optimize partner/family relationships during a quarantine.

Re-purposing your work in a new format and/or for a new audience

With event photography work dried up, a professional photographer is creating an online print store to sell some of her non-event prints. She would do well to create some e-cards that reference the challenges of our current times. Small luxuries sell well in a bad economy.

Leveraging a new knowledge base

A social media consultant is giving webinars on best practices for outsourcing freelance work. A marketing freelancer is offering webinars on successfully setting up an Etsy shop. While this is outside of their typical niches, they have the expertise and these are potentially lucrative topics.

Helping navigate our temporary new normal

Many things in the world have changed suddenly, and there could be opportunities to use your skillsets to help navigate. One freelance writer has secured temporary employment with her state helping people fill out unemployment forms succinctly and correctly. A distance learning professional has started a Facebook group with a small monthly fee to teach home schooling to frazzled parents.

Focusing on micro-offers

One business coach that typically offers high-ticket programs launched several micro-offers designed to help small businesses in this difficult climate, including a guide on how to get conversations started in your Facebook group. This is an excellent way to drum up leads for potential future offers while keeping cash coming in.

Temporarily shifting services

Teaching English as a second language or offering transcription skills are ways to pay your rent or mortgage if your typical clients are quiet right now.

I hope some of these provided you with inspiration. The key is to examine your skillsets and knowledge base and assess how they could be either appealing or useful in today’s climate. If you have any other examples of a freelance pivot, please leave them in the comments below.

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