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getting freelance work in chaotic times

Getting freelance work in chaotic times

I know a lot of freelancers are losing work due to the pandemic and subsequent global upheaval. Getting freelance work in chaotic times isn’t easy. If you are in this situation, I’m thinking about you. This post is designed to help brainstorm solutions.

Offer your assistance – it doesn’t hurt to reach out to past and current clients to see if there is anything you can do to help while things are in turmoil. If employees get sick or need to take care of kids out of school, they may need a temporary fill-in. You could also point out how your specialized skills can help with crisis management. Or, on a one-time basis, offer to undertake a project that is more junior than you would normally do. They may not need you right this moment, but I have found that people are much more likely to offer me work after I have reached out than they are otherwise.

Virtual networking – many freelancers (and employees) say they don’t network because they don’t have time. Once people have had some time to get their feet under them, why not see if you can get some Zoom calls scheduled with prospects? Many are working from home, and people in isolation get lonely and are more likely to want to connect than when they are at the office.

Connect with fellow freelancers – keep your Zoom roll going by connecting with fellow freelancers to see how they’re doing. Offer to take overflow work, or share a project if you have complementary skillsets.

Create content – I have personally found offering a course and creating content to be a huge boon to my business. If you’ve got the time, figure out a way to start sharing your expertise to help others and keep yourself top-of-mind.

Upgrade your skills – if you can swing it financially, now is the time to take an online course or certification that will look appealing on your resume.

Lead – remember that you are a thought-leader in your industry and your clients and prospects need your strategic guidance right now. Find any way you can to give and watch your efforts come back to you exponentially in the not too distant future.

Getting freelance work in chaotic times

The common theme in all of these suggestions is to be pro-active and to be of service (rather than asking for help yourself). Not only will positioning the challenge this way make you feel better and more in control, this will make others think of you as a go-to resource for years to come.

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