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If you’re considering going freelance but scared to take the plunge, this course is for you.

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Easy business development for freelancers.

If you hate sales but want to build your client list and get the right kind of work, look no further.

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Optimal client management for freelancers.

Do you feel like freelancing would be great if it weren’t for the endless demands of your clients? I wrote this course for you.

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How to show people they need you (not tell them)

How to show people they need you (not tell them).

If you’re an IT person, social media manager, designer, etc., you may feel concerned about the competition. There’s a lot of people who do what you do, why would anyone choose you over them?

In our mind, our competitors are always superstars with stellar resumes and tons of industry awards working with huge brands that bring incredible clout.

Just know, that’s often not the reality.

Even people who sell a very glossy lifestyle can be struggling. I remember when I was first developing my website, I asked a few business coaches with stunning sites for referrals to their web designers. Both of them acknowledged that they’d done the work themselves. And then BOTH of them offered to build a website for me.

Remember, they were both coaches, selling their super luxurious remote work lifestyles as they ostensibly helped other women build 7 and 8 figure businesses.

The fact that they would pro-actively offer to do my web design suggests the reality is quite different. Very likely, both were struggling.

I’m not over here advocating for schadenfreude. I wish both of those individuals well. All I’m saying is, your competition is not nearly as daunting as they seem.

Glossy images may get people’s attention but they don’t win business. Instead, demonstrate your knowledge and value by putting it into action in a way people can experience for themselves.

Consider Lauren Hom who created a thriving business out of showcasing her love for lettering on Instagram.

Or social media marketer Latasha James, who reports that an unexpected side effect of her YouTube channel (designed to help other social media marketers run their businesses) is that it brings her a steady stream of prospects who already know and like her work.

In a world that’s all about telling (and telling and telling), be the person who consistently shows. The work will follow.

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