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Stop waiting for permission

How to stop needing permission to approach prospects

I think the scariest thing about going after new prospects is our internalized need for “permission”.

Many of us never leave behind the feeling of needing “permission” to do anything outside of our normal existence.

Lessons forged through shame and humiliation are difficult to forget. We have all overreached and been corrected. We’ve all had bad outcomes. We’ve all been rejected, mocked and judged at some point in our lives.

The sting of shame creates a desire for safety. We fear what people think of us. We avoid taking chances to minimize judgment. We learn to stay quiet and play small.

It’s easier.

It’s also soul sucking.

How to Stop Needing “Permission” to Approach Prospects

Adulting can really suck, especially this past year. But you know what adults get to do? Grant themselves permission. 

If I’ve learned one thing from freelancing, it’s that you can’t predict who will be up for an exchange that may net you a (virtual) coffee if you reach out using a thoughtful approach that demonstrates knowledge of their company, a service-oriented mindset and the provision of something valuable.

Yes, that person probably gets approached a lot. BUT – do they get the type of invitations that will actually pique their interest?

Of course, you may not get a response. Is that the end of the world? Honestly, you can still feel better about yourself than if you never tried.

Decide how this day is going to go. Or wait for permission.

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