Experiencing Impostor Syndrome as a freelancer making you play small?

You don’t charge what you’re worth

You’re scared to go for the big, exciting projects

You keep working with toxic clients because you can’t stand prospecting

If you’re ready to end this cycle, pick up your free guide: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome as a Freelancer: Six Strategies to Free you from Fear.

By the way, this guide also includes my curated list of expert resources to help you better understand why you experience Impostor Syndrome and how you can alleviate it.

My name is Ellen, and I designed this guide for freelancers in professional services. To learn more about me, keep scrolling.

I’m Ellen Eastwood.

I’m not a doctor or a therapist, but I am a freelancer who used to experience crippling levels of Impostor Syndrome.

How bad was it? For two years, I worked with only one client. Who underpaid me.

I had to figure out how to overcome this issue or give up and go back to employee life.

It took me a while to confidently work with clients, express my worth and prospect. And I’m sharing the strategies I used to get there with you. These are all extensively battle-tested.

I’ve been in market research for 21 years and freelancing for 8 years. These days, I can pick and choose my projects, and I want that to be your reality, too.

Empowering freelancers is my passion. You can learn more at elleneastwood.com.

Ellen gets into the tricky topics and breaks them down point by point. No generic advice here! She helps me be true to myself and still wow my clients."

Florena A