Should I go freelance?

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Should I get a corporate job?

Should I get a corporate job?

As the pandemic progresses, it’s impossible to know how long the economic repercussions will last. This presents freelancers with a new dilemma: should I get a corporate job?

The answer to this question will vary by individual. But if you’re considering looking for full-time employment, I would urge you to hold out for the right position. This is one that will both engage you and promote your professional growth.

Marie Forleo talks about deciding on a new path by considering whether or not that path feels expansive or if it contracts you. Fear and uncertainty are both okay in this situation, but when you think about making the change, do you feel empowered or deflated? This is an important indicator.

Here are some critical factors to consider if you’re contemplating a corporate role:

  • What skillsets will I be honing, upgrading or developing? How interested am I in this area? How marketable is this area?
  • What is my mission in this role? Is it compelling to me?
  • Who will I be reporting to? Is this individual dedicated to employee growth? What type of knowledge or insight will they bring to the table? What will I gain from working with this individual?
  • How will this position add to my current network? Will I meet people who can open more doors? Does this take my network into interesting new directions?
  • How will my sense of autonomy work with the corporate culture? Can they accept, or leverage, the fact that I enjoy working independently?
  • Is the corporate culture enjoyable or toxic? Do employees dread coming to work?

Should I get a corporate job?

No job is perfect, including freelancing. But if you return to the corporate world, choose a position that will set you up for an even better freelance practice a few years down the road. That’s a decision you can feel good about making.

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