Should I go freelance?

If you’re considering going freelance but scared to take the plunge, this course is for you.

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Easy business development for freelancers.

If you hate sales but want to build your client list and get the right kind of work, look no further.

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Optimal client management for freelancers.

Do you feel like freelancing would be great if it weren’t for the endless demands of your clients? I wrote this course for you.

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why do good freelancer/client relationships go bad?

Are they your client or your boss?

“My client gets me to do all of the Joe jobs that no one else there wants. It’s way beneath my skillset.”

“My client told me my new rate is offensive.”

“My client is demanding more changes – unpaid.”

These are actual things freelancers have told me about long-time clients.

Do you relate to any of these?

If you do, here’s a bit of tough love. You don’t have a client. You have a boss.

Why do good freelancer/client relationships go bad?

This is the worst side of freelancing. The side where you have all the challenges of being an employee without any of the benefits (vacation time, sick days, health care benefits).

At some point, many long-time clients step over the line and ask for something that positions you more as an employee than as a freelancer.

It’s how you respond that paves the way for your future relationship.

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