Why I would hire my worst vendor again

I recently had one of the worst and best vendor experiences of my career. Let me explain.

I hired a company to help me complete an important project task. My contact was friendly and engaged, but a number of things went wrong throughout the course of the project.

Mistakes suck, but good recovery leads to increased trust.

The first time, I thought there was an oversight. The second time, I started second guessing. By the third incident, my confidence in this vendor was seriously shaken.

But if I were doing a similar project today, I would still get this vendor to bid, and consider them for the job.

Why would I do that?

It’s because of the way my contact handled the missteps. Each time I pointed out a problem, she handled it incredibly well:

  • She immediately took full responsibility, never looking for a way to shift blame
  • She thanked me for pointing out the problem, and assured me she would address it
  • She never got defensive. Even when I got stressed by the continuous problems, she stayed pro-active and focused on positive outcomes, not excuses
  • She sent a follow-up email letting me know how the issue was rectified and, if applicable, how it would be avoided in the future
  • She checked in to ensure that the issue was handled to my satisfaction and see if anything else needed to be addressed

I have literally never had anyone handle project issues so pro-actively and professionally. Her responses not only restored my confidence, they have helped me set a new standard in addressing issues in my own work.

Acting with integrity is easy when things are going well. If you find someone who can do it in the worst of times, you’ve found a person worth keeping around.


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